Trouble getting your target audience to listen to you?

Try listening to them first.


We are a marketing and communications strategy consultancy…

…that provides B2B companies with the expertise, tools and inspiration to uncover what we call the customers’ Elevator Rant–the things your target audience is thinking, wishing for or complaining about on the elevator when you’re not around. We’ve worked with dozens of CEOs and companies to translate customer rants into insights and then update and sharpen their positioning and value proposition, differentiate from competitors, improve their marketing and sales messaging, cut through the noise and grow.

“B2B marketers are talking past their customers, focusing on themes that aren’t relevant.”

“Tech marketers are investing in areas that IT buyers don’t consider important in the decision-making process.”

Most B2B marketing doesn’t speak to customers’ real challenges.

When most companies go to market, they are immersed in their own perspective, not their customers’. So they aren’t speaking to customers’ real issues–what’s valuable to them–in their real-world language, not marketing speak. It’s time to stop assuming or guessing what’s important from your target audience’s perspective–and start asking them the right questions. Always be asking, “WWTCT?” (What would the customer think?) That’s the key to making your marketing and sales more relevant–and more effective.

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“We look and sound too much like others in our space.”

“We don’t have a clear positioning.”

“Our messaging and value prop don’t resonate, so our marketing and sales results are weak.”

“We focus too much on features and benefits.”

“We lose deals we should be winning. And too often we lose on price.”

“We aren’t growing fast enough.”

“Most marketing vendors try to sell me quick fixes or the latest shiny object.”

Full Engagement:  Assess your market. Translate insights into hyper-relevant and laser-sharp positioning, value prop and messaging. Prioritize tactics. Guide the execution of key initiatives.

Advisory Services:  Provide you and your team with guidance, tools and expertise to do all of the above.

Coaching and Mentoring:  Teach you and your team to uncover customer insights that lead to successful positioning and messaging strategies.

Off Menu:  Let’s figure out a way to get you what you need.

Assess the market landscape from the customer’s perspective.

Discover what your customers actually think is–and is not–valuable.

Establish differentiators that truly matter to your target audience.

Understand how they buy.

Translate customer insights into a relevant positioning and messaging “playbook.”

Recommend the most sensible marketing investments based on your goals.

Ensure the strategy is well-executed across all channels and initiatives.

Better engagement across all channels.

Increased campaign metrics.

Increased sales win rates.

Improved return on marketing investment.

Reduced marketing waste.

Some of the companies and executives we’ve helped.

  • “In meeting with Bob for just an hour or so, I got precious new clarity on our go-to-market strategy and priorities—something I’d been wrestling with for two years (with multiple marketing resources).

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    Alison Whitmire
    President, Learning in Action Technologies
  • “He applies business savvy and experience to make marketing a good investment rather than simply a series of activities that may or may not have the desired result.”

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    Ric Fleisher
    COO, Upside Door; Co-Founder,, EVP, Cougaar Software
  • “Great results came from our deep engagement using Bob’s ‘customer listening’ approach, because it got right to the heart of the true value of our product–from the customer perspective–beyond fuzzy platitudes.”

    Read the entire story here.

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    Peter Cresse
    Executive Vice President, CloverETL
  • “The feedback from every Partner, as well as my assessment of the effort, was outstanding and led to tangible results, including the partners’ satisfaction with their NAFCU partnership.”

    Read the entire story here.

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    David Frankil
    President, NAFCU Services Corp.
  • “Rather than focusing on tactics like SEO, email, print or events, Bob started by getting us to look at our motives. In other words, spending a dollar on traditional marketing meant not investing in, say product development, support, or an additional sales person.”

    Read the full story here.

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    John Kraft
    CEO, ServerVault (acquired by Carpathia)
  • “You rarely find this combination of strategy and creativity in one resource.”

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    David Trachtenberg
    Chief Solutions Officer, vRad (acquired by MEDNAX)
  • “We got actionable customer insights that led to powerful creative concepts.”

    Watch video.

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    Tien Wong
    Serial Entrepreneur & Investor
  • “The changes to our positioning and pitch made a huge and immediate difference.”

    Read the entire story..

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    Pat Friel
    Managing Partner, Lochlin Partners
  • “Bob synthesized our story so it clearly presents what we are about and makes our marketing more effective.”

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    Bryan Gernert
    CEO & Co-Founder, Resonate, Inc.
  • “The customer insights Bob uncovered were instrumental in our successful pivot that led to a $1.6M investment.”

    Read the entire story here.

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    Jay Chapel
    CEO & Co-Founder, ParkMyCloud
  • “Now our prospects’ eyebrows jump off their head and they say, ‘Why doesn’t my vendor do this?'”

    Watch the video here.

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    Heinan Landa
    CEO & Founder, Optimal Networks
  • “Bob did a fantastic job of translating the customers’ perspective into an effective vision and strategy.”

    (Read more)

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    Amy Bjarnason
    COO, CrossCountry Consulting

Bob London talks about the importance of knowing your customers’ Elevator Rant–and how to discover it.

Why do most elevator pitches, and most marketing for that matter, sound like white noise–stiff, generic and totally irrelevant? Because it doesn’t reflect what your customers and prospects are really thinking and what they actually need–from their perspective not yours. In their real-world language, not marketing speak.
The Elevator Rant is what real people say on the proverbial (and sometimes literal) elevator before or after they engage with you. And discovering their “rant” is the key to differentiating your business, being more relevant than your competitors and creating marketing that actually moves the needle.
>>   Book Bob to deliver a high-energy dose of customer perspective to your audience of executives, business leaders or employees.  <<

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