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Target audience not listening? Try listening to them first.

We create laser-focused brand identity, positioning, differentiators, value proposition, messaging and go-to-market strategies by first uncovering your customers’ Elevator Rant. The Elevator Rant is what your target audience is really thinking, wishing for or complaining about on the proverbial (or literal) elevator when you’re not around. Learning these rants yields fresh insights to help create new competitive advantages and make your marketing and sales more effective.


“B2B marketers are talking past their customers, focusing on themes that aren’t relevant.”
“Tech marketers invest in areas that IT buyers don’t consider important in the decision process.”
“B2B vendors focus on providing material that buyers don’t find very useful or trustworthy.”

Stop assuming or guessing what’s important to your target audience

Start asking them the right questions. That’s the key to making your marketing and sales more relevant and effective.
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What’s your rant?


“We look and sound too much like others in our space.”

“We don’t have a clear positioning.”

“Our messaging and value prop don’t resonate, so our marketing and sales results are weak.”

“We focus too much on features and benefits.”

“We lose deals we should be winning. And too often we lose on price.”

How do we help?

Isolate differentiators that truly matter to your target audience.

Understand how they buy.

Create a hyper-relevant positioning and messaging “playbook.”

Recommend the right investments based on your goals.

Ensure the strategy is well-executed across all channels and initiatives.

The ROI on listening to your customers

Formulating the Story Using the Customer as the Reference Point

“We worked with Bob at a very important time when we needed to narrate our story and distill our business model in a way that could resonate with investors and others outside the company. He is relentless, in a positive way, about using a customer as the reference point (‘what would the customer think?’). This really rooted us with the audience and prevented us from sounding like we were talking to ourselves.”

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Brent Schimke, Chief Operating Officer - DataCubed

Pinpointing the Value Proposition of Data Integration Software

“Great results came from our deep engagement using Bob’s ‘customer listening’ approach, because it got right to the heart of the true value of our product–from the customer perspective–beyond fuzzy platitudes. What was cool was the actionable insight–sometimes cold reality–that helped us shape our precious investment into the software platform. In addition, the independent view of hearing our customers’ perspective versus our own was both confirming and challenging to common wisdom.”

Read the entire story here.
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Peter Cresse, Executive Vice President - CloverETL

The Big Pivot: Switch to Single-Purpose Cloud Optimizer App Wins Customers and Funding

“The bottom line is that the insights Bob uncovered were instrumental in helping us understand what customers really needed today. The resulting pivot to ParkMyCloud has turned out to be a great bet.”

Read the entire story here.
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Jay Chapel, CEO & Co-Founder - ParkMyCloud

Bob London talks about the importance of knowing your customers’ Elevator Rant–and how to discover it.

Why do most elevator pitches, and most marketing for that matter, sound like white noise–stiff, generic and totally irrelevant? Because it doesn’t reflect what your customers and prospects are really thinking and what they actually need–from their perspective not yours. In their real-world language, not marketing speak.
The Elevator Rant is what real people say on the proverbial (and sometimes literal) elevator before or after they engage with you. And discovering their “rant” is the key to differentiating your business, being more relevant than your competitors and creating marketing that actually moves the needle.
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Let’s chat.

Start seeing what the world looks like from the customers’ perspective with a complimentary Elevator Rant diagnosis.

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