If you’re thinking about having me speak to your organization to provide a heavy dose of customer perspective, you might want to see some of the unedited feedback from a recent webinar I did for members of a major trade association. The audience included CEOs, COOs, Partners, Sales Executives and Marketing Folks.

Q: What did you like best about today’s webinar?

  • Insight and out of box thinking
  • It provided a different way of thinking. It is too easy to think that knowing what our customer wants is what they want as opposed to actually asking them what they want.
  • The analogy to a long marriage and learning to be a better listener since we men aren’t normally wired that way…
  • Actually giving real examples and how to use them.
  • The questions
  • The content was fantastic. It closely aligns with an internal project we have currently and is really helpful.
  • Sometimes we make things to complicated when dealing with customers and this was good reminder that simple thought provoking questions are the best!
  • Really solid presentation with tangible tactical & strategic advice
  • The Agenda-less listening
  • The presenter’s credibility- Bob London has impressive experience and credentials, is an outstanding communicator, built a colorful and interesting Powerpoint slide show and has a common sense approach that impresses customers.
  • Congratulations and thanks for the beneficial program!
  • The art of listening to the client
  • Everything
  • The approach described is comprehensive and actionable

Here’s a link to the webinar recording:

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