I’m pleased to introduce yet another company that has adopted and benefited from the “Agenda-less Listening” approach.

After hosting me at her EO Forum Retreat, Sabina Gault, founder of Los Angeles, CA-based Konnect Agency, embraced the need to ask current, former and prospective clients some disruptive, thought provoking questions, then let them talk about what THEY think is important and just…LISTEN!

Congrats to Konnect’s Christina MacKinnon, who led the process and whose excellent listening skills and judgement led to critical insights. Perhaps her most memorable comment: “I was surprised how much people wanted to talk to me…how they were ready to talk to me.”

Konnect Agency  is a national PR firm whose clients include Krave, FatBurger, Dave & Busters, AMF.

And here’s the full interview (9 minutes):

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