“Wemeiusour”–the acronym for “We-Me-I-Us-Our” (and pronounced we-MAY-uh-sour) is a dreaded affliction found in most marketing and sales campaigns that paralyzes prospects and completely eliminates the possibility of engaging them.

How can you recognize Wemeiusour?

Symptoms include a tendency to focus on:

  • The solutions “we” offer
  • “Our” features
  • What makes “us” special

Dangerous side effects include:

  • Weak response and conversion rates
  • Flaccid sales cycles
  • Embarrassing sales close rates
  • Uninspired revenue growth

How to rid your marketing and sales of Wemeiusour forever:

  • Have open-ended “curiosity calls” with customers and prospects in a non-sales context.
  • Ask questions your competitors aren’t asking.
  • Understand the real problems they have–which may be different than the problems you think you solve.
  • Listen for the real language they use–notice the lack of jargon and marketing-speak.

If you’re serious about eradicating Wemeius, download the Customer Re-Discovery Playbook to discover what your target audience ISN’T telling you–and how to leverage those insights to improve the relevance of your messaging.

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