Stop asking customers “what’s your pain point?” and “what keeps you up at night?” Old, cliche questions only get your cliche answers.  Try these 12 proven, insight-provoking questions that have helped dozens of B2B companies hear what their customers really thinking and increase their marketing and sales effectiveness.

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The Customer Re-Discovery Playbook includes all of the questions, steps, tips and templates you need to uncover meaningful, tangible ways to differentiate your business that are valuable from the customer’s perspective–not yours.

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What’s in the Customer Re-Discovery Playbook?

``Magic`` questions

Proven to elicit deep insights from customers and prospects regarding their actual priorities and pain points, how they value products and services and how they make decisions.


Step-by-step instructions on how to approach customers and prospects, “hear what they’re thinking” and find fresh insights.

How to ask

Guidelines and tips on conducting conversations with customers and prospects–including the best ways get them to open up–in order to reveal candid, useful insights.


Answers to frequently asked questions we’ve received over the years–so you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to ask!

Some of the “magic” questions in the Playbook

  • Q. What’s our sweet spot? What are we great at–better than anyone else?

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  • Q. What’s on your next board of directors update slide?

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  • Q. What would make you a customer for life?

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  • Q. Hypothetically, what would you get fired for not getting done in the next 12 months?

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Your Customer Re-Discovery playbook includes the proven list of insight-provoking questions, tips on how and why to ask them and an overall project guide for your entire “customer listening” initiative.
That’s everything you need to rediscover your customers’ real issues (we call them Elevator Rants) and translate them into differentiators that are meaningful and valuable from the customer’s perspective.  So you can start getting customers for life at the price point you want.
This playbook is offered exclusively to CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs and executives in marketing, product management, product marketing and sales.

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