Optimal Networks: This Inc. 5000 CEO Did Something Shocking to “Decommoditize” His Business. He Listened

Outsourced technology provider Optimal Networks’ growth had slowed because essentially they sounded like everyone else in the market: “We’re great at technology.” (Yes, you’d better be!) “We deliver great service.” (OK that’s good to know.) “We have the best people.” (Got it but so what?)

Ultimately Optimal Networks needed to find an edge that would provide better traction in their sales and marketing efforts. Not just more tactics, as they had tried most of those anyway.  They had been chugging along for years, assuming they knew what their customers and prospects were really thinking.

This video explains what happened when they did something audaciously simple: They started listening to their customers to learn what the world looked like from their perspective.

The outcomes of these conversations helped Optimal become more relevant, which transformed their sales and marketing results.

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