Before Effective Marketing Comes Intelligent Listening. 

Just Ask These Companies.

Formulating the Story Using the Customer as the Reference Point

“We worked with Bob at a very important time when we needed to narrate our story and distill our business model in a way that could resonate with investors and others outside the company. He is relentless, in a positive way, about using a customer as the reference point (‘what would the customer think?’). This really rooted us with the audience and prevented us from sounding like we were talking to ourselves.”

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Brent Schimke, Chief Operating Officer - DataCubed

Pinpointing the Value Proposition of Data Integration Software

“Great results came from our deep engagement using Bob’s ‘customer listening’ approach, because it got right to the heart of the true value of our product–from the customer perspective–beyond fuzzy platitudes. What was cool was the actionable insight–sometimes cold reality–that helped us shape our precious investment into the software platform. In addition, the independent view of hearing our customers’ perspective versus our own was both confirming and challenging to common wisdom.”

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Peter Cresse, Executive Vice President - CloverETL

The Big Pivot: Switch to Single-Purpose Cloud Optimizer App Wins Customers and Funding

“The bottom line is that the insights Bob uncovered were instrumental in helping us understand what customers really needed today. The resulting pivot to ParkMyCloud has turned out to be a great bet.”

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Jay Chapel, CEO & Co-Founder - ParkMyCloud

Creating a “Scalable” Brand Identity and Mission

“We regularly refer back to Bob’s work, particularly the insights he extracted from his one-on-one interviews with our clients and other decision-makers. Those discussions revealed real-world pain points and needs—in the customers’ language, not marketing-speak—that revealed a number of ‘rants’ that were previously unspoken and therefore unmet by others in our space. These insights became the basis of our new strategy.”

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Amy Bjarnason, Chief Operating Officer - CrossCountry Consulting

Marketing with a capital “M”

“I’ve engaged Bob as a marketing consultant and advisor on several business opportunities over the last several years and found his expertise to be very valuable in terms of understanding how to evaluate market opportunities and structure a pragmatic go-to-market approach. While a creative executive and resourceful problem-solver, Bob understands that success comes from sales/marketing alignment and execution moreso than having a clever tagline. Bottom line, he applies business savvy and experience to make marketing a good investment rather than simply a series of activities that may or may not have the desired result.”

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Ric Fleisher, COO - Upside Door; Co-Founder,; Former EVP of Business Development at Cougaar Software

This Inc. 5000 CEO Did Something Shocking to “Decommoditize” His Business. He Listened

“Bob used this amazing concept he calls ‘discovering the customers’ Elevator Rant.’ Now we see our prospects’ eyebrows jump off their head, and they say, ‘Why doesn’t our provider do this?'”

Watch the video here.

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Heinan Landa, CEO & Founder - Optimal Networks

You Can’t Just Say “Smaller is Better,” You Have to Show How

“Bob asked (customers and prospects) a number of probing questions we wouldn’t have thought to ask,” said Pat Friel. “Like ‘What annoys you most about working with search firms?’ What’s the best and worst experience you’ve had on a search?’ and ‘How can you predict how much attention your search will receive before you choose the firm?’”

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Pat Friel & Liza Wright, Managing Partners - Lochlin Partners

Clarifying and Prioritizing Go-to-Market Strategy for Training & Certification Firm

“In meeting with Bob for just an hour or so, I got precious new clarity on our go-to-market strategy and priorities—something I’d been wrestling with for two years (with multiple marketing resources). He’s the opposite of the old expression, ‘If all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.’ By contrast, Bob’s deep expertise and insights across various marketing disciplines is incredibly refreshing and valuable.”

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Alison Whitmire, President - Learning in Action Technologies

Repositioning of Specialized Hosting Provider Leads to Acquisition

“A year later we remain convinced we made the right choice with London, Ink. Bob’s ‘outsourced CMO’ model plus full-service capabilities, is the right combination for a growth-stage company like ServerVault.”

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John Kraft, CEO - ServerVault (acquired by Carpathia)

Seeing the Marketing Forest Through the Sales Weeds Uncovers New Sales Opportunities

“I give a significant amount of the credit for our newly energized marketing and business development approach and our overall business trajectory to Bob’s efforts. I’m letting you know this in case you are in a similar situation where you need senior-level marketing expertise and horsepower but don’t have the resources for a full-time executive.”

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Gray Somerville, Co-Founder & VP, Client Services - Telogical

NAFCU Services: Strategic Plans Boost Success of Association Affinity Partners

“The feedback from every Partner, as well as my assessment of the effort, was outstanding and led to tangible results, including the partners’ satisfaction with their NAFCU partnership.”

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David Frankil, President - NAFCU Services Corp.

Go-to-Market Positioning & Value Proposition for SaaS Product

“We got actionable customer insights tied to great creative concepts.”

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Tien Wong, Serial Entrepreneur & Investor - Tech2000, Lore Systems

Strategic Repositioning & Rebranding for Teleradiology Company

“You rarely find this combination of strategy and creativity in one resource.”

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David Trachtenberg, Chief Solutions Officer - vRad (Acquired by MEDNAX)

Helping a SaaS Company Turn the Corner

“Bob synthesized our story so it clearly presents what we are about and makes our marketing more effective.”

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Bryan Gernert, CEO & Co-Founder - Resonate, Inc.

More voices of our customers.

Lauran Penn—Owner, Snyder, Cohn, PC

Bob was invaluable in helping our firm get our new “look” off the ground. From our logo, to our slogan, to our fabulous new website, Bob was creative, professional, and really understood our business. I would recommend Bob to any business that wants to get their message out in a way that tells the world who they are.

Todd Hager—Senior Vice President and General Manager, BroadPoint

Bob is super bright and never fails to impress me with his creativity and intuition. He gets branding and messaging, especially within the context of new media, all rooted in strong business acumen. I enjoy working with Bob and have come to trust and value his opinion in marketing.

Marcia Call—CEO at TalentFront (Formerly COO of McKinley Marketing Partners)

Bob London has never met a box . . . he’s never worked in one, developed one, created one, etc. His mind is always stretching beyond the bounds of what you as his client are capable of seeing, but the good news is that as a great communicator, he is able to take you on the journey with him. I have enjoyed working with Bob and now I enjoy seeing him excel in all of his new ventures. Bob London is someone to watch . . . and hire.

Mike Clemson—VP of Operations, ServerVault, Inc. (Acquired by Carpathia, Inc.)

Bob helped us get a badly needed marketing program off the ground. He came into what was essentially a blank whiteboard and was able to draw out my ideas and those of the rest of the executive team to formulate a new message. With Bob’s help we have elevated our name and brand recognition to the level that it is today.

David Frankil—Former President, National Association of Federal Credit Unions Services

We’ve had the opportunity to work with Bob on numerous occasions, on engagements ranging from strategic marketing plans for us and our Partners to various branding exercises. The breadth of his experience in so many different aspects of marketing, in particular how to develop and integrate a consistent brand in your approach and then how to carry through to generate results for sales, has proven invaluable. Every time we do a strategic review it reminds us how much of the intellectual foundations of our program have been shaped from his insights. We’re looking forward to the next time we have a chance to work together!

Darrell Shull—Chief Operating Officer at BIPAC

Bob received our concept for a market penetration report and delivered a project plan and final report which exceeded our expectations for the project. In short, he clearly meets his self-description as a Virtual VP of Marketing.

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