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Your audience wants fresh perspectives and new ideas that not only drive results but are actionable on day one. Bob London’s talks and presentations have generated very positive feedback on all those scores.  Watch the video below, read the reviews and let’s see if there’s a fit.

<< “You Are Not Your Customer” — A Talk by Bob London at the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit
Why do most elevator pitches, and most marketing for that matter, sound like white noise–stiff, generic and totally irrelevant? Because it doesn’t reflect what your customers and prospects are really thinking–from their perspective not yours. In their real-world language, not marketing speak.
In his talk at the recent Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit, Bob London dives into this problem and teaches the audience how to uncover their target audience’s Elevator Rant. The Elevator Rant is what real people say on the proverbial (and sometimes literal) elevator before or after they engage with you. And discovering their “rant” is the key to differentiating your business, being more relevant than your competitors and creating marketing that actually moves the needle.

What people hear–and say–when Bob speaks

Annual Investor Meeting

“We invited Bob London to keynote our quarterly investor meeting, and the audience’s feedback was terrific. Bob inspired everyone to think about whether they are really customer-centric and how being customer-centric can grow and sustain their businesses.  My partner and I actually make a point of periodically watching the video of Bob’s talk to remind us to stay focused on identifying and leveraging our members’ Elevator Rant.”

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Randy Domolky - Managing Director, Private Access Network

Executive Peer Group

“Bob’s talk at The Marketing Alliance was incredible. He really reminded us that everything starts with seeing things from the customer’s perspective, not our own.  His examples were compelling, he has a relaxed and fun speaking style and the audience ratings were fantastic.”

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Elizabeth Shea - President & CEO

Executive Marketing Event

“Bob has a one of a kind ability to actively listen, connect to the target audience/buyer and bring real, potent, valuable and actionable insights back to management teams to upgrade their business.”

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Brian Reed - Chief Marketing Officer, ZeroFox

Regional Marketing Conference

“Bob London’s talk at the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit was poignant and thought provoking. In a world where marketing is often thought of as spending money on outreach and campaigns, Bob makes a convincing case that everything comes back to understanding what’s really valuable from the customer’s perspective. His case studies were on point and the audience came away with tangible, actionable insights.”

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Paul Sherman - Co-founder & Publisher, Tech Wire Publications, Co-Producer, Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit

Company Meeting

“We brought Bob in to speak at our annual company meeting, and he really got us thinking about the importance of differentiation and positioning–for our own business as well as our clients. He pointed out why differentiators have to be tangible vs. “pixel-deep.”  In other words, a true differentiator has to be more than words–it has to be valuable from the customer’s perspective. And to get the customer’s perspective, you have to ask them the right questions in the right way. Invaluable!”

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Laura Taylor - President & Founder, Silverline Communications

How can Bob London inspire and educate you, your team or your audience?

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  • Keynotes

    Your audience will come away with new lessons and specific, actionable steps they can use to see what the world looks like from their customers’ perspectives–and translate those insights to make your marketing and sales investments more effective. Themes include, “You Are Not Your Customer,” “Discovering Your Customers’ Elevator Rant.” Typical length: 30 – 45 minutes.

  • Interactive Presentations & Workshops

    Bob uses an engaging, participatory, teaching-based approach to help your audience discover their customers’ Elevator Rant–and then leverage those insights into clearer positioning and message, pinpoint differentiators and, yes, a more powerful and relevant elevator pitch. Typical length: 1.5 – 3 hours.

  • Guest Speaker

    If you’re looking to add someone to your agenda to pump up your employees, customer or members on the topic of “getting closer to the customer,” Bob will deliver a compact version of his keynote address, with all the insights, takeaways and fun. Typical length: 20 – 30 minutes.

Inquire about Bob’s availability and fees here.

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