I am pleased to have been included in one of Marissa Levin’s articles on Inc.com and to be featured alongside globally recognized entrepreneur Tony Robbins.



Here is an excerpt from Levin’s article, ‘Are You Listening? 12 Questions and 4 Strategies to Win Your Customer’s Trust and Business‘:

In addition to creating the right nonverbal atmosphere for engaging, productive conversations, it’s important to ask the right questions to yield the right answers. This is especially important when building trust-based customer relationships.

According to customer communications expert Bob London, CEO of Chief Listening Officers, there are 3 buckets of questions that get to the heart of what customers really need.

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Special thank you to Ian Altman of Forbes for publishing an article dedicated to the influence a listening-based approach can have on your customers.

Link to the article:


Here is an excerpt from Altman’s article, ‘The One Thing Most People Forget When Asking Questions’:

B2B marketing jedi, Bob London, heads-up Chief Listening Officers. To be effective, he says, leaders and managers must leave the confines of their offices and actually talk to customers to understand what they care about, what they need, and what they’d like to see done differently. Bob’s mantra is “shut up and listen.” Few people, he notes, do it well.


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