We all spend a lot of time–much of it in grueling brainstorming sessions–debating, honing and delivering OUR messages. From our perspective. Based on what’s in our own brains. (Sometimes I worry that we’re continually brainstorming only because we’ve become addicted to that sickly sweet smell of DRI-ERASE Markers!)

Want to know what THEY–your target audience–are REALLY thinking? What’s on THEIR wish list?

Here you go:

9 Actionable Insights from In-Depth Conversations with 1,200+ B2B Decision-Makers

  1. Understand—or at least ask me about—my goals.
  2. Stop trying to upsell me before you’ve even solved one problem really well.
  3. Am I doing this right? What are industry best practices?
  4. Educate me on what’s coming next.
  5. Make more useful content available on your web site. Less fluff.
  6. Send me an SME instead of a sales person.
  7. Stop saying you’re my “partner,” and find tangible ways to align with my interests.
  8. Explain your sweet spot without saying things you competitors also say.
  9. Be in touch when you don’t need anything.

(Click on the image below for a larger, printable version to post in your office.)

Feel free to contact me any time at 240 994 7644 or bob@chieflisteningofficers.com to discuss how these insights apply to your specific priorities and challenges.

And remember: Burn the Whiteboard! Stop Brainstorming, Get Out of the Office and Ask Customers Questions Your Competitors Aren’t Asking.  Get a detailed playbook at www.customerrediscovery.com.

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