The Elevator Rant is what people in your target audience say about your business, your product or service or your industry when you’re not around (on the proverbial or literal elevator). They think the rant–but might not share it out loud. Or they share it with a colleague–but not you. Elevator Rants tend to come out before or after sales meetings–but not during.

Why don’t they tell you?  Perhaps you you didn’t ask the right questions. Maybe customers assumed their thoughts were outside the scope of your discussion. Or that you’ll get defensive or make excuses.  Or just maybe they don’t think you’ll take their comments to heart.

Elevator Rants might not relate directly to a customer’s primary pain point but rather a latent pain point or side-annoyance. But we’ve found that if enough customers experience that same side-annoyance, it can become your key differentiator. Rants are unvarnished and raw. They’re real and they’re powerful. And the amazing thing about customers’ Elevator Rants is that they’re their for the asking. You just need to pose the right questions in the right way. Chances are they’ll be the questions your competitors haven’t thought to ask.

To discover your customers’ Elevator Rant and increase the relevance of your marketing and sales efforts, download a complimentary copy of the “Shut Up & Listen” Playbook. This step-by-step guide gives you everything you need to learn customers’ rants that you can turn them into competitive advantages.
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